Best Headset Brands For Gaming


Best Headset Brands For Gaming

The best way to intensify your gaming experience is when you play your favorite games using one of the best PC headsets. Although there are some of the best gaming monitors in the market that have decent built-in speakers, and there are some awesome PC speaker sets too, nothing can beat to the quality sound presented straight to your ears and brain from one of the best PC headsets for gaming.

We’ve compiled two of the best headset brands for gaming. These brands aren’t just superb headsets for gaming, but you can also purchase them at affordable prices.

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

Wireless: No | Connections: USB, 3.5mm wired| Features: audio controls, THX Spacial Audio, retractable mic | Drivers: 50mm

If you’re looking for a combination of good quality and great value, the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is the best PC headset for gaming.

What sets the Kraken apart is that this brand is designed for comfort and value. You can enjoy Razer Kraken Tournament Edition for hours, and it feels a lot better than most other gaming headsets you can buy in the market, even the more expensive high-end models. And the sound the Kraken TE delivers knocks you off above its weight when you consider how affordable this is. There’s even a volume control box that you can attach to your PC desk, to prevent you from shifting around if you move your head.

There are downsides, though. The microphone isn’t the best, and the volume control button is the least well-designed feature of the entire headset. But for something top value and high-quality headset for your PC set-up, Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is tough to top unless you are willing to spend more money.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

Wireless: No | Connections: 3.5mm wired | Features: In-line controls, Glasses-relief ear-cushions, TruSpeak mic  | Drivers: 50mm

The next headset brand we have is the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas, a headset aimed squarely at PC players, but a reasonable price.  It’s a super convenient PC headset, especially if you wear glasses (because of the good Glasses-relief system), and the quality of the sound is high thanks to some quality 50mm drivers.  No, it doesn’t meet the same as the Razer Kraken in this department, but the quality of the audio is still above average for a mid-priced pair of gaming cans.

As always, the quality of the microphone is pretty good, which the Turtle Beach brand does well. The headset brand is excellent for team-based online play. Combined with the Windows Sonic sound, which provides superior directional audio, this Turtle Beach Elite Atlas makes for eSports and competitive gaming a perfect choice, too. Although this is a highly recommended headset brand for everyday players, the only real drawback is that the sound range can’t coordinate better ‘mixed-use’ headsets, so this one isn’t as great for watching videos or listening to music. But as for a pure gaming headset, at a competitive price, it’s still a winner and something you should have.

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